Rugged Explorers

    The stillness of the forest, the scrunch of crisp leaves, the earthy scent of a muddy puddle, the squelching sound of water in gumboots, the hunt for snails under rocks and mugs of hot cocoa while pouring over maps that tell stories of unknown lands.

    Welcome to the Rugged Explorers collection. 

    Pablo the bear

    PABLO is a really sleepy bear. Sometimes even when his eyes are open he is actually asleep! When he has delicious dreams about finding honey, he sometimes sleepcrawls out of his cave, sleepwalks along the riverbank, sleepclimbs the tallest tree and sleepsteals honey from the bees. But he always wakes up when the angry bees sting his paws and chase him all the way home to his mama bear.



    The Mountain Movers

    THE MOUNTAIN MOVERS are always running around moving things. They might look teeny-tiny, but they’re so strong that they can lift things that are fifty times heavier than them! But when they show off and pick things up and move them to another place, nobody can find anything anymore. Have you lost something? Maybe The Mountain Movers have moved it!


    Rumba the hippo

    RUMBA isn’t any ordinary hippo – she’s a treasure hunting hippo! Her favourite place to look for treasure is in a big gloopy mud pond, where she finds all kinds of rocks. The only problem is that when she comes home all muddy after treasure hunting with her friends, her mama and poppa make her have a bath, and Rumba doesn’t like baths at all. In fact, Rumba runs through the house leaving little muddy hippo prints everywhere.


    Raz the toucan

    RAZ is one clever toucan. He is especially good at reading maps. He, Atlas the giraffe, Chilli the tiger and Rumba the hippo are best friends and explorers of the wild. Raz leads them to all kinds of places, flying above the trees, looking out for danger and letting his friends know which direction to go next. He takes them to huge mud ponds to find treasure and secret gardens to see crazy flowers that eat insects.


    Chilli the tiger

    CHILLI can’t sit still! She creeps through tall grass, climbs trees, swims in lakes, plods through mud, tumbles through rock tunnels and runs as fast as she can through the forest all day long. One day, Chilli’s dad said she ran around so much that she must have ants in her pants! Chilli didn’t want any ants biting her bottom. She twitched her stripey tail and kicked her back legs all through the forest to get the ants off. When her friends, Raz the toucan, Rumba the hippo and Atlas the giraffe, saw her, they thought Chilli was making up a new dance, so they joined in making up moves. Chilli thought they must have ants in their pants too! 

    Atlas the giraffe

    ATLAS loves making everyone laugh. When he plays with his friends, Rumba the hippo, Raz the toucan and Chilli the tiger, he is so funny. He uses his super-long purple tongue to lick the top of his nose and he bends his long neck into all kinds of shapes – sometimes he makes himself look like a big spotted teapot! 

    Photography & Styling : Siida Photography
    Content development : Kristin Pedder
    Models : Eliza, Gigi, Summer, Storm, Hugo, Aila, Cormac, Madeleine, Atticus, Jack, Nina, Sebastian, Baden, Tadhg, Evie, Ruby and Evie