Who we are

Who we are

At Oomph & Floss we’re all about everyday adventures, wide-eyed curiosity, fearless leaps into the wild, and reaching for the stars of imagination. We’re about kids being kids, the way nature intended – splashing in puddles, feeling the sand between their toes, talking to worms, and making up stories about weird and wonderful creatures from afar.

Inspiring playfulness while strengthening each child’s connection with our natural environment is important to us. We want children to revel in nature, developing a healthy respect for it as they find their unique place in the world. Our range of designs has been specially created for free-spirited waddlers, toddlers and littluns (up to age 5), and incorporate bright, fun and gender-neutral handmade illustrations of all things nature – with a sprinkle of sassy kid attitude.

Our commitment

At the heart of what we do is the steadfast belief that if we want children to connect with nature, then we also have a responsibility to protect it for future generations. With this in mind, every garment is designed and produced in a sustainable, personal and responsible way: we use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified 100% organic cotton fabric and dyes, and we ensure manufacturing takes place under fair conditions that reward our workers. Sustainability is a thread that runs through every part of Oomph & Floss, and we hope that our designs encourage parents and kids to reach for an environmentally responsible relationship with our world.    
We hope you love our collections and the stories we have to tell. We’d love to see how your everyday explorer makes sense of the world around them.  Tag us on Instagram with #oomphandfloss #littleindividuals 

With love,

The Oomph & Floss team  xx